The time is now to fight against racial inequality as well as strengthen and support social change models that hold the most promise for transformative results. Therefore, at this crucial time in history, BLCK and its campaign grantees are NOW calling on everyday people, social justice activists, actors, artists, bloggers, entertainers, recording artists, professional athletes, social media personalities, as well as  members of churches, mosques,  fraternities and sororities to take action.  We need everyone no matter race or religion to join us at this critical time .  By leveraging our collective power and influence, we not only raise awareness for this modern civil rights movement for justice, but more importantly help raise the needed financial resources for organizations like Black Lives Matter, Black Youth Project 100, Black Women’s Blueprint, We the Protesters, #FreeAmerica and Project South.

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Event Volunteer
Volunteers are needed to assist at BLCK events and 3rd party events (coordinated by other groups on our behalf) which take place throughout the year. Volunteers must be well presented, possess excellent communication skills, and enjoy interacting with others. Volunteers must be aged 18 and over unless accompanied by a volunteering parent/guardian. In some instances, volunteers will need to be aged 21 where there is alcohol served. Volunteers are invited to orientation sessions and training is provided appropriate for the events and volunteer opportunity.

Community Outreach Volunteer
Volunteers are needed to assist with BLCK community outreach in their local area. Activities include reaching out to local churches, student unions, local social justice organizations, etc., about BLCKLIVES awareness events, rallies and promotional activities. Volunteers must be aged 18 and older and must possess excellent communication skills, be outgoing and love interacting with people. Outreach activities occur 7 days a week and there are opportunities for day and evening involvement. Volunteers must hold a current driver's license and have reliable transportation. Orientation and training regarding BLCK promotion will be provided to all outreach volunteers.

Speakers Bureau Volunteer
Volunteers are needed to join the Speakers Bureau. Our speakers are given training in public speaking, social justice related issues and about our organization and how we serve the community. Our trained Bureau representatives attend speaking engagements at outreach/social justice education events and other BLCK activities to promote our mission, programs and fund-raising events. Speakers may be aged 18 and over. Speaking engagements occur throughout the year and the number of engagements that volunteers conduct is dependent upon their time availability. Potential Speakers Bureau volunteers will be interviewed to assess whether they possess the skills and experience required for this volunteer position.

Formal unpaid internships are offered at BLCK Foundation in collaboration with universities and colleges based in Los Angeles County. We also offer short term placements for high school students who have community volunteer service hour requirements.